New Year, new tool – the AlphaSmart is in the house

An electronic writing tool with a large keyboard and a small screen, the Alphasmart Neo

This AlphaSmart NEO is awesome. 25 USD + shipping. The 3 AA batteries work for about 700 hours. With no distraction, the effect is like typing with one of my mechanical typewriters, just not that noisy. I use it for my diary – I will try to make writing it a habit. And it is great for a braindump.

And Joe Van Cleave’s idea making file 8 the index is so clever. Thanks to his video I have changed the font to Micro, showing 7 lines with a readable font.

Besides, the NEO can also be used as an external keyboard via USB. Love it.

There are two articles from 2015 about using the NEO: David Kadavy writes about 4 sucky things about this $19 piece of junk that make it AMAZING for writing; and Kevin Eagan’s In Praise of My Alphasmart Neo. Not to forget the AlphaSmart – Writing Tools group at Flickr, counting 1,446 members.

Of course, the firts draft of this was written on my NEO.