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Offscreen Magazine Issue 19

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While listening to the new Connected episode 189 you could have heard me shouting: „NO! You are wrong!!!“ when the hosts Federico Viticci, Myke Hurley and Mr Stephen Hackett agreed on the obsolescence of printed magazines.

Whenever I am at a train station visiting the newspaper stand (that normally is a big store) I am sure that there are still many readers of paper products.

What a long preface to announce the upcoming Offscreen issue no. 19. That is available only on awesome smelling paper, bound as a Swiss brochure so you can enjoy reading even more.

But, of course, the three gentlemen and admired podcasters are correct to say that no one needs Apple’s expected app for digital magazines.

How to choose a notebook?

some notebooks on a table

I have a lot of unused notebooks – that is fine. There are beautiful, expensive, unusual but also simple ones. I am a paper addict – no stationery shop that I can pass by without looking for paper or notebooks.

But I also have a lot of started notebooks – and that is not so fine. Being a typesetter’s son I have massive respect for paper – every tiny bit can be used up. And writing with F or EF nibs help to put more words on a sheet of paper.

So every time I start a new project that will take some time a problem comes along: which notebook shall I take? In particular when I don’t want to use the A6 / Fieldnote size but a hardcover in A5 or A4. They normally come with 100 or 240 pages – how can I be sure to fill up so many pages?* There are already too many only half finished books.

Sometimes I start with a spiral notebook or just a stack of paper to get a feeling for the project. When being sure about the project I sometimes migrate the notes. Or just keep the loose sheets in the book.

Do you have any strategy how to choose the perfect book for a project? What do you do with half filled notebooks? Do you have a Pet Notebook Sematary?


*Brad „The Pen Addict“ Dowdy confessed that he has many notebooks filled with just some pages – but this doesn’t help that much.