How to choose a notebook?

some notebooks on a table

I have a lot of unused notebooks – that is fine. There are beautiful, expensive, unusual but also simple ones. I am a paper addict – no stationery shop that I can pass by without looking for paper or notebooks.

But I also have a lot of started notebooks – and that is not so fine. Being a typesetter’s son I have massive respect for paper – every tiny bit can be used up. And writing with F or EF nibs help to put more words on a sheet of paper.

So every time I start a new project that will take some time a problem comes along: which notebook shall I take? In particular when I don’t want to use the A6 / Fieldnote size but a hardcover in A5 or A4. They normally come with 100 or 240 pages – how can I be sure to fill up so many pages?* There are already too many only half finished books.

Sometimes I start with a spiral notebook or just a stack of paper to get a feeling for the project. When being sure about the project I sometimes migrate the notes. Or just keep the loose sheets in the book.

Do you have any strategy how to choose the perfect book for a project? What do you do with half filled notebooks? Do you have a Pet Notebook Sematary?


*Brad „The Pen Addict“ Dowdy confessed that he has many notebooks filled with just some pages – but this doesn’t help that much.